Baul Retreat 2015

The second edition of ‘Baul Retreat’, a programme celebrating the centuries old tradition and music of Bauls–the mystic minstrels living in West Bengal and Bangladesh, will be held in Puducherry in October.

A number of eminent Baul practitioners from and outside the country are expected to participate in the six-day event, beginning on October 13. Baul Retreat is an opportunity to experience Baul. For one week, from 13th to 18th October, you will have a retreat and get immersed to the inner as well as physical work of Baul, through songs, yoga, pranayama, and many other activities.

Well-known Baul singer Parvathy Baul said the retreat would be an opportunity for the public to experience Baul. ‘Participants will have a retreat and a chance to get immersed in the inner as well as physical work of Baul through songs, yoga, pranayama and many other activities,’ she said here.

Besides Parvathy, baul practitioners like Shahjahan Munshi from Bangladesh and Biswanath Das Baul, Lakshman Das Baul and Nitai Chandra Das, all from West Bengal, are expected to be part of the event.

Baul is more than just music; it is a genre of its own, of spiritual work and knowledge, which has been passed down from a master to a disciple through gurushishya parampara over countless generations.

The first Baul Retreat took place last year, in December 2014, in Trivandrum. It was received greatly, each participant going back with unforgettable learning and memory, and even now we are still receiving warm feedbacks from the participants.

This time it takes place in Pondicherry, in collaboration with Aurodhan. We are inviting Shahjahan Munshi from Bangladesh, along with the Baul masters from West Bengal: Biswanath Das Baul, Lakshman Das Baul, Nitai Chandra Das, and of course, Parvathy Baul.

The event is being organised jointly by city-based ‘Ekathara Kalari’, a Baul music gurukul here run by Parvathy and Aurodhan Pondicherry.

For enquiries and registration, please contact:

Baul Retreat Ekathara Kalari

Baul Retreat Ekathara Kalari

Baul Retreat Ekathara Kalari

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