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The Right Way to Play Guitar

The Right Way to Play Guitar

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The guitar is not only one of the most popular instruments, but also one of the most challenging to play. Whether your ambition is to become the next Jimi Hendrix, to accompany yourself singing, or merely to reap the benefits of a new hobby, Douglas J Noble can-and will-teach you The Right Way to Play Guitar. This book assumes you have no musical proficiency and no previous experience of the guitar. It takes you-step-by-step and in layman's terms-from the very first notes, through the chords, to fingering and basic music theory. Advice is also offered on choosing the right guitar for you. Clear illustrations and easy-to-follow musical examples are given to aid your progress with acoustic, classical or electric guitar. A wide variety of styles covered-folk, country, blues, classical, jazz, pop and rock-so that would-] guitarists can learn to strum along to all their favourite songs ... or perhaps even go on to write their own. The author has sixteen years experience of teaching guitar and works as a music journalist with Guitar Magazine and UniVibes, the Jimi Hendrix magazine. He also acts as an examiner for Rock School/Trinitv College of Music. During his career he has interviewed many of the world top guitarists, including Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, John William. Mark Knopfler andy Summers, Brian May and James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica.


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