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Abstraction in Indian Painting: Post Independence Era

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The presence of Abstraction in Indian Contemporary Art has been intensely debated throughout the post independence era. It was in late 1940's that Bombay Progressive Group, Calcutta Group, Group 1890, Cholamandal Artists Group, Baroda Group and later some individuals exuded new ethos towards abstraction. There have also been artists like V.S. Gaitonde, Jeram Patel, Nasreen Mohammedi and S.H. Raza, who have been totally devoted to the Non-Representational Art. This book provides an analytical view of Abstract Art Movement and its assimilation in Indian Contemporary Painting. It also highlights the interactions and influences of both over each other. The author identifies the significance of Abstraction in Indian Painting, applied constantly throughout the post independence era. She also stresses importance of folk and other traditional art, pointing towards its continuity echoing in the contemporary art of the whole world. Major differences between artists and their influences are discussed with due seriousness and are seen as an honest and intellectual attempt to make Indian contemporary art a significant portal. The choice of illustrations is wide and truly testifies the richness and diversity of the subject and a bibliography provides useful reference material. Contents Preface Introduction 1. Fifty Five Years of Post Independence Indian Painting 2. The Dialectic of Abstract Art 3. The Story of Abstract Art Movement 4. Tracing Abstraction in Trends and Tendencies 5. Abstraction Through Indigenous Sources 6. An Insight on Contemporary Indian Artists


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