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Acting Smart: Your Ticket to Showbiz

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Thousands of young people arrive every day at the Mecca of entertainment, Mumbai, to become an actor. Most of them come with hope in the heart and starry dreams in their eyes. In the absence of proper guidance, it does not take long for most of these dreams to turn to dust, in what is essentially a dog-eat-dog world of cut-throat competition. Tisca Chopra provides great advice on how to build a career as an actor. How do you go about preparing an impressive portfolio and showreel, what does it take to audition well, what are the avenues for training and how does one avoid the casting couch? Written in an informal, conversational tone and brimming with insightful insights gleaned from the author's vantage point of being a true-blue insider, this is an essential handbook for every aspirant in the crazy world of showbiz.

  • Harpercollins


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