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Analyzing Performance: Theater, Dance and Film

Analyzing Performance: Theater, Dance and Film

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A guide for the study of performance from a conceptual point of view, Analyzing Performance offers a sophisticated and creative synthesis of theater research methodologies. In describing the state of theater, Patrice Pavis employs semiotic and phenomenological approaches and touches on a wide range of topics, from subjectivity to new technologies to the role of the spectator. He also treats individual elements of theater--including the actor; voice, music, and rhythm; space, time, and action; costumes and makeup; and text. Finally, Pavis assesses the links between elements of the theater and various critical approaches, including psychoanalysis, sociology, and anthropology.
Pavis is a scholar of international stature, unparalleled in his knowledge of contemporary theater and performance. He is editor of The International Performance and author of Theatre at the Crossroads of Culture, as well as several highly influential works in French.
Patrice Pavis is Professor, Paris-VIII University. David Williams is Professor of Theatre, Dartington College of Arts, Devon, England.

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