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Painted Abode of Gods: Mural Traditions of Kerala

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This title presents a magnificently illustrated exploration of the colourful traditions of mural painting from the Kerala region of India. It features dedicated mailing and e-mail campaign to targeted art related media & organisations. The tradition of using mural painting to depict myths and legends in the Kerala region of India dates back hundreds of years, but by the beginning of the twentieth-century it had slipped into oblivion and most of the major murals had been destroyed through damage or overpainting. The result of more than 50 years of painstaking research by A. Ramachandran - one of India's leading artists and scholars - "Painted Abode of Gods" is a visually stunning exploration and history of this complex narrative and iconographic tradition. Featuring more than 380 full-colour illustrations as well as an extensive overview of the various styles, materials, and techniques, this is a comprehensive account of a vividly colourful artistic tradition that is fast fading into obscurity.

  • Vadehra Art Gallery (Acc)


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